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Welcome to
Primary School

Stanford Primary School is in an exciting phase of its development. We are striving to be excellent and whilst we realise that we have a great deal to do, our journey to excellence has dynamically begun.

Stanford Primary School is at the heart of a rich and vibrant community who seek the very best for their children and rightly so.

Together we are currently developing a new inspirational vision in partnership with our wonderful children, their parents, governors and staff.

Be part of it and make a difference! If you seek any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • " There are increasingly high levels of consistency in teaching, learning and assessment. Teachers set high expectations for pupils with clear learning intentions. "
    - Ofsted Report 2017
  • "Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education helps to create a welcoming and calm school."
    - Ofsted Report 2016

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