Stanford Primary School

Stanford Primary School

Pupils, Parents and Staff Raising Standards Together

Our Vision and Ethos


We believe that all children at Stanford should have ‘excellent opportunities’, be ‘safe and healthy’, ‘happy and confident’, showing ‘respect and listening’ with ‘good behaviour.

Stanford Primary School is proud to be a ‘You Can Do It’ School!  We believe that everyone has the potential to succeed and achieve their personal goals.  Our YCDI ethos is underpinned by the teaching of 5 core skills, which are known as ‘The 5 Keys to Success’. These keys are resilience, organisation, persistence, confidence and getting-along. Through our class PSHE lessons, school assemblies and general everyday promotion of these skills, we teach children what each key means, how they can apply that skill into everyday life and ways to recognise that skill in themselves and others. 

The 5 Keys to Success



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