Stanford Primary


Behaviour Policy 

Anti-Bullying Policy



All children and staff at Stanford are organised into one of four Houses when they start.  The Houses are:

Banksy House

Picasso House

Hockney House 

O'Keeffe House 

Each House is represented by a House Captain from Year 6 who is voted for by the staff and a Staff House Captain who is voted for by the children.

Children remain in the same house throughout their time at Stanford.  Children are awarded a House Point for their individual achievements and postive attitudes.  House Points are collected by the individual child who can earn a certifcate at different stages.  House Points are also collated at the end of each half term to see which is the overall winning House.  

Each House also has a dedicated day to celebrate their team efforts which includes a House assembly, House lunch and the children wearing their House t-shirt to school for the day. House assemblies take place on the last Tuesday of each half term.  Parents are welcome!


Behaviour Policy 

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