Stanford Primary


Behaviour Policy 

Anti-Bullying Policy




House Groups

Teamwork is an important part of life at Stanford.  All children and staff are organised into one of four Houses when they start.  Children remain in the same house throughout their time at Stanford. 

Children are awarded a House Point for their individual achievements as well as demonstrating a positive attitude.  House Points are collected by the individual child who can earn a certificate at different stages.  House Points are also collated at the end of each half term to see which is the overall winning House.  They are then rewarded with extra play to celebrate their team’s achievement.


The Houses are:

 Banksy House

 Picasso House

 Hockney House

 O'Keeffe House


Each House is represented by a House Captain from Year 6 who is nominated by the staff and a Staff House Captain who is voted for by the children.

The Houses each have a dedicated day during the year.  This includes a House assembly, activities related to their artist and opportunities for mixed age collaboration.


Class Rewards

Each class has a reward jar to promote teamwork.  The children choose a class reward that they are working towards, such as a movie or a cooking activity.  The class aim to fill their jar with pom poms by working together and demonstrating appropriate learning behaviours.


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