Stanford Primary

History and Geography

Through Humanities and our Cornerstones Topics, we enable children to gain knowledge and understanding in a wide range of skills and contexts. Each year group’s topics cover a number of skills and objectives outlined in the National Curriculum. This provides an engaging and inspiring backdrop for the children in which history and geography can be fully integrated with their learning of reading, writing and mathematics.

The engaging themes studied throughout the year vary in their main areas of focus; but there are always great opportunities to be had for learning history and geography within any topic. This can range from learning about coastal and marine environments, in Year 2’s topic, ‘Land Ahoy’, to following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and his voyages of discovery, in Year 6’s topic ‘Darwin’s Delight’.

At Stanford we encourage children to gain as many valuable experiences as they can; our school grounds and local area provide such opportunities for children to undertake fieldwork and research. This enables children to develop a very personal sense of discovery and understanding. Our wildlife area in particular is a wonderful resource that is immensely valuable to all ages.

Key Stage 1 Geography Curriculum

Lower Key Stage 2 Geography Curriculum

Upper Key Stage 2 Geography Curriculum 


Key Stage 1 History Curriculum

Lower Key Stage 2 History Curriculum

Upper Key Stage 2 History Curriculum




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