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Intent and Overview

Maths teaching at Stanford Primary School aims to develop children’s fluency, reasoning and problem solving in line with the National Curriculum. Lessons include varied mathematical representations, practical resources and opportunities for children to communicate mathematically when justifying, proving and explaining their thinking.  At Stanford, we use a CPA approach in Maths lessons. Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) is a highly effective approach to teaching that develops a deep and sustainable understanding of Maths in pupils.

We follow a ‘Mastery’ approach which gives all children the opportunity to deepen their mathematical understanding, make connections and reason Maths through varied and stimulating lessons.  Mastering Maths means pupils acquiring a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject.  Achieving mastery means acquiring a solid enough understanding of the Maths that has been taught to enable pupils to move on to more advanced material.

All children at Stanford are taught to have a ‘Growth Mindset’ in Maths and believe in their ability.  They are taught that we are all born with the ability to succeed in Maths, that Maths is not about speed and that it can be seen differently by different people.  The children learn that mistakes are valuable.

This year, there will be parent workshops offered so you can find out more about how your children are taught and how you can support your children at home.

 Maths Lead – Ms Melehi


Maths Overview for Years 1 - 6

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