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Intent and Overview

 By the time the children leave Stanford Primary School they will be able to confidently listen, appraise and have an enjoyment of a wide range of music styles and artists. They will do this using the correct musical language to describe the cultural, physical, historical and instrumental impact of different pieces.  Teachers will explore different elements of music (pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, harmony, melody) through their class lessons, but also by delivering entertaining music assemblies to KS1/2.  This will be achieved through the use of the ‘Charanga’ online resources, which provides a huge diversity of songs, instrumental tuition and new projects to try at home.

Pupils will understand and practise how to sing independently (thinking about pulse, rhythm and melody), and also as part of an ensemble, paying attention to how musical parts fit together.  During lessons, the children will complement this through the playing of instruments, both tuned and untuned.  They are given the opportunity to play various percussion instruments; recorder; glockenspiel; Djembe drums; and steel pans.


Steel Pans 1              Steel Pans 2


All pupils get a unique opportunity to perform songs or play the class instrument (e.g. steel pans) at events such as International Evening, the Christmas Concert, the Stanford Music Recital or the Summer Fair.  In addition to this, there will be occasions where Steel Pans can represent the school (often in conjunction with the Merton Music Foundation) within the local community, such as the highly successful performance for the anniversary of the HMS Windrush in 2018, conducted at the Merton Civic Centre.

The curriculum is supported, and complemented, by the Merton Music Foundation who offer individual tuition to those who wish to begin a new instrument; or opportunities for schools to perform music and dance at local events across the Borough.   


Musical Progression KS1

Musical Progression KS2


Music Overview

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