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Music provision at Stanford can be seen (and heard) in a range of class-based and whole-school projects and performances. Through the creative Curriculum used at Stanford, music is also woven into the everyday fabric of school life; songs might be used as a starting point, to stimulate learning; raps, dances, and children’s compositions might be shared as the culmination of a unit of work, to express enthusiasm for learning that has taken place.

In EYFS, music is a vital and enjoyable pathway to learning; children take part in the annual Rhyme Challenge, learning and performing traditional nursery rhymes whilst daily singing time allows children to experience new styles of music. Instruments and recorded music are available during children’s ‘free choice time’ to allow them to explore how to create and change sounds.

The Year 6 children enjoy access to the school’s set of djembe drums whilst in Years 2 and 5, children learn recorder; these opportunities enable children to experience the joy of playing music within an ensemble as well as increasing their musical ‘literacy’ and appreciation.

At Stanford, we understand that music can only be truly understood and appreciated when learning is practical, so lessons are taught in a hands-on style, allowing children access to a range of music technology and musical instruments from around the world.

Merton Music Foundation are closely linked with Stanford, providing peripatetic instrumental lessons and offering holiday workshops and a series of concerts and projects.

Stanford Choir and Stanford Drumming Club are extra-curricular groups led by our specialist music teacher and are open to all children, practising a broad range of musical material. We aim for music at Stanford to be inspirational and celebratory and so we provide regular opportunities for children to practise and perform communally, such as during weekly singing assemblies, Express Events and at the Annual Stanford Recital.

Throughout the year children at Stanford are encouraged to participate in a range of musical activities such as recordings CDs and performing in the local community. Stanford are also proud to participate in the annual ‘Summer Song’ project as part of the We Sing U Sing Program. This fantastic event allows our children to share in a celebration of music with many other schools from the local area and to perform at a professional venue.

Children’s confidence and creativity develops naturally through the variety and frequency of engagement with music; the joy experienced through music is evident in the smiling faces and tapping feet of the Stanford community.

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