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Here at Nursery we follow the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Framework’ which outlines the importance of developing children’s learning in 3 Prime Areas. These are:


Communication and Language

Developing children’s vocabulary by immersing them in a language rich environment. Children learn to ask and answer questions and use talk to organise and explain their ideas. We  offer the children opportunities for speaking and listening as well as supporting them with developing a love of reading. Our children are exposed to a range of high quality stories, songs, poems and rhymes.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Helping children to develop a positive sense of self by supporting the development of their self confidence. Children develop their sense of responsibility by learning to recognise their feelings and self-regulate their behaviours. We support the children with becoming independent and resilient individuals and teach them about ways of keeping ourselves healthy and safe.


Physical Development

Developing children’s gross motor skills (including running, skipping, hopping, kicking, climbing and balancing) and their fine motor skills (including the ability to use one handed tools and manipulate pencils for writing). We offer the children a range of hands-on sensory experiences to support the development of these skills.


Our children learn all of the above through play. They are exposed to a range of learning experiences daily and spend a large time learning outdoors. We adapt teaching to ensure that the children’s interests are being followed and that their needs are being met. Please see below for an outline of our topics for this year. 


  1. Once Upon a Time
  2. Our World
  3. People Who Help Us
  4. Growing and Changing
  5. How Does It Move?
  6. Animal Antics

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 Rose Class Welcome - Autumn 2021








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