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Our vibrant Science Curriculum is covered through the Cornerstones Topics. Each Year Group undertakes 6 different topics which have a specific focus. Within these topics, a variety of skills are developed through a range of contexts and fun practical situations. Science is integrated throughout the individual topics, which change each half term. The amount of science taught each week depends on the themes being covered, but at least one hour is encouraged.

The skills covered over the academic year are:

These skills are introduced in Year 1 and progress as your child moves up through the school.

At Stanford we encourage children to expand their horizons through stimulating practical science; while at the same time enabling them to plan and investigate scientific concepts, developing their understanding of scientific vocabulary at the same time.

Year 1 Science Curriculum

Year 2 Science Curriculum

Year 3 Science Curriculum

Year 4 Science Curriculum

Year 5 Science Curriculum

Year 6 Science Curriculum 


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