Stanford Primary

Year 2

In Year 2 we have had some amazing topics to support us with our learning.  These include Fantastic Fortresses, The Scented Garden and Beat, Band, Boogie! We use our topics to learn new things across the curriculum such as life a long time ago and different plants and their uses.  To support us with our topics we have also been on some exciting trips including visiting Windsor Castle and Kew Gardens.

To support our topics we have a core text which we use to plan our reading and writing activities.  We have daily guided reading and grammar sessions where we learn about spelling patterns.  We use drama and art to support us to create our own stories and non-fiction pieces.

In Year 2 we use the Maths- No Problem! curriculum to support us as we develop our knowledge of place value and calculation skills.  We learn how to multiply and divide as well as fractions of shapes and numbers.  We continue to develop our shape and measure skills by reading scales accurately and solving problems.

We love learning in Year 2 and work very hard to be the best we can be! 


Autumn 2 Topic Web 2018



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