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 Year 3

Welcome to the Poppy Class webpage, where you will find information about our timetable and class expectations.  Year 3 marks the beginning of Key Stage Two, which means that the children will begin to work independently on a variety of exciting and enjoyable themes.  We will examine London and Scotland, investigate the Stone Age, examine volcanoes and earthquakes, and then travel back in time to study the Vikings and Romans.

In mathematics, we ensure that our students have a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and can apply their knowledge through problem solving. Our mathematics curriculum follows a mastery-based methodology with a strong emphasis on collaboration in each lesson.  The fundamental principle is that all children can succeed in mathematics if they are provided with high-quality instruction and meaningful support. Having the opportunity to work as a member of a team promotes the growth of comprehension and deductive reasoning, while also providing more opportunities to solve problems in a variety of contexts.

Reading is a crucial part of education, and we encourage all of our children to read daily at home.  Please take note of your child's reading pace, comprehension (textual understanding), and any difficult words.  We promote our children's interest in reading and comprehension of the world through the thoughtful selection of reading materials. Children are encouraged to read daily to cultivate a love of reading and expand their vocabulary so they can express themselves in a variety of contexts.  Children draw on knowledge and skills from texts and prior subject knowledge across the curriculum to write a range of genres.

As always, we would appreciate your assistance in ensuring that homework is handed in on time, that daily reading is completed and recorded daily, and that pupils always have the correct PE kit and school uniform at all times.

In our class, the aim is to make learning fun, challenging, creative and supportive for all learners.  We look forward to sharing our knowledge and accomplishments with our parents.

We will also plan exciting enrichment opportunities throughout the year.

Thank you for your continued support.


Mr Overy - Poppy Class Teacher





Poppy Class Newsletter - Autumn 1 2023






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