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Welcome to Heather Class

Year 4-5

The pupils in Heather Class have already bonded well after their previous year together, and will be further encouraged to forge new relationships with their peers. Year 4 will take on more responsibility for their independent learning, whilst Year 5 begin to think about moving into their final year at Stanford!

This year, all pupils will follow the curriculum themes for Year 5, including Science, and will continue to work towards their year group specific objectives in English and Maths.

The Year 5 curriculum focuses primarily on our relationships and communication within a global capacity. Our collaboration with Global Scholars, will enable the pupils to open new dialogues with peers from around the world – the theme this year being, ‘World of Water’. It will allow the children to develop their geographical skills and knowledge (both for physical and human geography), and improve their overall computer literacy too. In addition to this, the children’s historical knowledge will be challenged by the Ancient Greeks (Gods and Mortals) and the Mayans (Under the Canopy) too! There will always be exhilarating trips to look forward to – some are ‘out of this world’!  Lastly, all pupils will get their first real taste of playing steel pans and learning a brand new skill of reading music.

As a small reminder to Year 4 parents: the children need to be prepared for the Multiplications Tables Check in June, so keep practising those times tables!

As always, we would appreciate your support this year to make sure home learning is handed in on time (and of a good standard!); reading is completed and signed daily; and children have the correct PE kit and school uniform at all times.


Ms Melehi - Heather Class Teacher




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