Stanford Primary

Local Services

Stanford is fortunate to be located in Merton but very close to the boundaries of Croydon and Lambeth. As a result of this location our families come to across from across these boroughs and our community is able to benefit from a wider variety of local services. 



Our local Merton Library is Pollards Hill. All of our pupils become enrolled with this library when they join Stanford enabling them to benefit from a wide literature and activities such as the Summer Reading Challenge.  

Our school is also close to Norbury Library which many of our families enjoy. 


Children's Centres

Children's centres are an excellent place to access support for young children and their families. 


The Acacia Centre located near Mitcham Eastfields station provides weekly classes and fun sessions as well as an adventure playground. 

Ivy Gardens is located in Pollards Hill and provides a range of services for families. 

Both Ivy Gardens and the Acacia Centre are provided by Merton. 

Woodmansterne and Kensington Avenue Children's Centres also provide local support and are based in Lambeth and Croydon respectively. 







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