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Welcome to Stanford Primary School Governing Body. Stanford Primary School has an active Governing Body. The governors collectively provide strategic governance to ensure that all children get the best possible education. The Governing Body meets as a whole group each term and delegates its business to committees where appropriate. The Governing Body has an important role in raising standards through its three key roles:


Stanford Governing Body have responsibility together with the school leadership team for agreeing the policies for the general running of the school. Our role is crucial:


How does the Governing Body work?

The governing body works by collective decision -making and shared power, not personal power, and responsibility. It is the full governing body, which has legal duties and powers and all governors share in that corporate responsibility. Governors do not represent the individual interests of parents, staff or any particular group within the school or wider community.

The full governing body meets once a term but most of our work is delegated to two main committees:

In addition there is a pay committee and other panels, such as disciplinary, appeals, complaints, exclusions which are set up as required.

All governors are members of the governing body and sit on one or more of the committees. Selection for the committees is based on interests and skills.


Chair of the Governing Body


Governance Statutory Information 2018/19

Curriculum = C
Resources = R

 Mr Simon Withey


Co Opted / Chair

30/10/17 - 29/10/20

R 7/8 None declared

 Ms Jo Grinter


Co Opted / Vice Chair

30/10/17 - 29/10/20

C 10/10 Employed by PACE Academy Trust as Head of Operations
Ms Francine David

Co Opted

30/10/17 - 29/10/20

C + R 11/12 None declared
Ms Kashena Mohadawoo Parent Governor 24/11/16-23/11/20 C + R 7/12 None declared
Mr Pete Steward Ex Officio HT 16/04/18 - C + R 3/3 None declared

Mr James Cook


Staff Governor 30/09/16-29/09/20 C 11/12 None declared
Mrs Sam Powell

Co Opted

13/11/17 - 12/11/21

R 3/7 None declared


Associate members do not vote or attend FGBs 

Ms Amanda Addy

Associate Member                    3/11/16 - 2/11/20

Penny Garry Clerk 

No Governor has declared an interest arising from a relationship with a staff member or relative

Left the Governing Board within 12 months

Name Role Committee Attendance
Mr Paul Prest Ex Officio HT C + R 9/9
Mrs Farzana Habib Parent Governor C + R 10/12

Governing Body Structure 2018/19 


Governor Pen Portraits 2018/19




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