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Intent and Overview

By the end of Key Stage 1, every child at Stanford will have been taught to read accurately, fluently and with good comprehension, through the Read, Write Inc. phonics program.  All children from EYFS to Year 2 receive daily phonics sessions for 30 minutes.  Children are organised according to their phonics ability and work in mixed age groups.

Children will know the English alphabetic code: the 150+ graphemes which represent 44 speech sounds.  Each sound is presented to the children with its corresponding image and rhyme.  This supports the children in a fun way to remember the sound as well as the letter formation.

Read, Write Inc is organised into sets which outline the order that sounds are taught.  As children learn an increasing number of sounds, they are presented with a growing number of 'Green Word' cards which are words that the children can sound out and blend to read.  Children also learn how to read 'Red Word/Tricky Words' cards.  These are words which cannot be phonetically read.  As children move into learning Set 2 sounds, phonics sessions contain reading and writing tasks so that pupils apply what they have learnt.

Throughout all sessions there is a focus on the children understanding what they have read.  Comprehension questions are asked and the children learn the skills to be able to read for meaning.




Here is the link to a parent guide to help you develop your understanding of our Read write Inc. programme.  It includes some helpful videos for you to watch

Parent guide to Read Write Inc. Phonics - Oxford Owl


Watch the video below to hear how to pronounce the different sounds we learn in phonics

phonics pure sounds video (


Here are some helpful frequently asked questions to support your understanding of Read, Write, Inc. at home

parent_faqs.docx (


Here is a link to some Fred games you can play at home with your child to help them learn how to blend sounds together to decode words

fred_games.docx (


Please follow the link below to see the handwriting phrases we use to teach children how to form letters correctly

handwriting_phrases_v2.pdf (



If you would like more information in the teaching of phonics and ways to support your child at home, visit the Read, Write Inc website for supporting videos and materials designed for parents and carers.


 Rhymes for letter formation - Read, Write Inc


Set 2 and Set 3 Rhymes

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